We are the proud creators of icewave

Fred DiCosola began developing and marketing beverages to the coffee industry more than 20 years ago. And since that time, the world changed, and technology evolved, but the beverages remained the same. Most are laden with sugar or “diet” sweeteners, and they provide little in the way of healthy benefits.

In 2022, Fred assembled a team of friends, family and long-time food industry colleagues, under the umbrella of a new enterprise – nextwave foods. The team mission is to offer new and exciting beverages utilizing technological advancements that allow them to be refreshing and delicious as well as healthy and beneficial. After a year of research and development, the nextwave team used new methods and cutting-edge ingredients to drastically reduce the sugar, calories, fat, salt and the carbon footprint of both iced and blended beverages while maximizing flavor and health benefits.

As a result, the icewave brand was born.

The nextwave team includes Co-Founders Fred DiCosola and Benito (Ben) Rangel. Fred was the original inventor of soft frozen yogurt, and he later launched the “Jet Smoothies” brand to the foodservice industry. Ben, who is the “right brain” of the company, comes from a fine art and art administration background and manages the company’s visual components. He works closely with Fred, who is the “left brain,” to articulate the story of these innovative products. They are both supported by Brand Ambassador Jaden Bergevin, whose “fresh” social media outlook connects icewave to the world.

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