What is icewave?

icewave is a new line of premium refreshers and frappes that are revolutionizing cold drinks.

70% less sugar
99% less fat
70% less sodium
no diet sweeteners

Most coffee shop cold beverages are unhealthy and high in calories and sugar. icewave spent years researching ways to sweeten beverages naturally, deliciously, and with few calories.

Plus our ingredients support brain and gut health to alleviate the unhealthy effects of stress and anxiety.

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Finally… healthy refreshers and frappes

iced refresher flavors

mix + water + ice + cocktail shaker

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Water
  • icewave Iced Premium Refresher Mix
  • Ice

Pour 8 oz water into cocktail shaker
Add 3 Tbsp icewave mix
Add ice
Shake well for 20 seconds and pour into 16 oz cup

blended frappe flavors

mix + milk or milk alternative + ice

  • Commercial blender (VitaMix or BlendTec)
  • Milk or Milk Alternative
  • icewave Blended Premium Frappe Mix
  • Ice

Pour 8 oz milk in blender jar
Add 2 scoops icewave mix
Add 12 oz of ice
Blend on the “smoothie” setting and pour into 16 oz cup

icewave Adaptogen Blend™:
Our Functional Formula

Our functional formula, trademarked icewave Adaptogen Blend™ sets icewave apart from other beverages. icewave contains a blend of unique botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics, each selected for their biome-supporting, anti-stress and cognitive benefits.

Even our packaging is different

Most beverages begin with dry ingredients…

…but then water is added,

which makes them heavy

Then they are heat-processed,

which uses gas and electricity

Then they are filled into extra large containers,

which wastes even more energy

Finally, this large heavy package is shipped to you,

which uses excess fuel

So why are they made this way?

That’s just the way it’s always been done…

….until now.

The Power of Powder

icewave uses premium quality dry and freeze-dried natural ingredients.

They are minimally processed and come in an easily dissolvable powder.

icewave packaging is 50% smaller than liquid mixes and 67% less weight.

icewave is easy-to-ship, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-store.

And it tastes delicious.